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About Us

FamilyTrophy is more than just t shirts and hoodies. Everything we make is truly a unique and one of a kind keepsake made just for you! It's not just a t shirt...It's a unique and personal piece of art!

Family Trophy is not just a Lifestyle, but it's the Infinit Lifestyle!

Hi I'm Jenny Douglas the founder and owner of FamilyTrophy. It has always been my dream to make one of a kind keepsakes and souvenirs for proud Families, Grandmas, Moms, Dads, Toddlers, Babies, Grandpas, Uncles, Aunts and other proud family members just like myself and today my dream has come true... my online FamilyTrophy store is open for YOU!

If you choose to make a purchase from my site I will make sure the order is right just for YOU and that you are taken care of to the best of my ability...after all, us Family members need to stick together!

Having the heart of a Mom, Aunt & Grandma myself (with 6 grandchildren already and counting) I know how important Kids, Grandkids and Nieces are and how important it is to make sure you are satisfied in every way with your purchase.

If you have any questions please send me an email at:

and I will personally respond to you as quickly as possible.

Much Love,


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 Thanks To All Our Customers for a wonderful Journey!