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Ready For The Holidays? 6 Tips & Ideas For Thanksgiving Day Dinner Cat Food & Homemade Thanksgiving Cat Recipes

Posted by Kirsten Baum on

homemade thanksgiving cat food gifts


1. Meow Wine

Open a bottle of Pinot Noir for yourself and a bottle of Pinot Meow for your furball because cat wine for cats is a healthy & organic treat!     

source: Harper's Tribune            

2. Delicious Cat Dessert

Who needs pumpkin desserts? This delicious puree cat dessert treat will make your furry-one meow cauze he or she wants to skip dinner for this yummi treat. Spoil your cat or kitten right now or after dinner with this way too delicious holiday dessert for your cat.     

source: Harper's Tribune                     

3. Moewmosa Champagne

If your cat is rather a brunch fan than a regular eater, think about serving your little one a nice flute of Meowmosa! Given the fact that cats neither support oranges nor champagne, this mixture is made up of a healthy mixture of salmon oil infusion. Cheers!

source: Harper's Tribune   


4. Turkey Bone Crunch

What is Turkey Bone Crunch you might ask? Well, some cats love the way the bones crunch and that is why you should be considering giving your cuty boy or girl a crunchy, but cat safe alternative to a human Turkey dish. You can either prepare a copy cat recipe of the Blue Buffalo Crunchy Chicken Cat Treat if you find it online, or for those who don't have time for research just buy the ready made version.

source: Harper's Tribune   

5. Mind Stimulating Holiday Treats 

Did you know that your cute furball needs mind stimulation just like you do? That's why he or she needs some Holiday treat that has a brain stimulating function. We are suggesting the Work Fur It Treat Ball to do so. It can easily be filled with your kitty's favorite crunchy Holiday treats providing him or her a simultaneous brain and body workout. That's way more intelligent than just letting lazy mode set in making your cat fat because this works like a Holiday fitness training while he or she enjoys the tastiness of the season! You can get your treat puzzle ball for cats here!

source: Harper's Tribune   

6. Holiday Snacking Time

Your cat's treats are your cat's dreams so don't spoil it for him or her cauze they are dreaming of a turkey-filled Holiday. While the above mentioned cat treat ball is a great way of keeping your cat's mental and physical fitness if you want to get even more involved in cat training on all sorts of levels, start spoiling your feline with a treat launcher toy. You can get hold of this multi functional cat treat launcher or shooter here!   

source: Harper's Tribune   

For more tips, ideas and gift that you and your cat can enjoy during the holiday season, check out the full blog post here!

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The video below sums up our final words! Cats do enjoy their Thanksgiving dinner cauze what other pet dines and wines in a stylish way like these two furry fellows?

Make sure to take your cat seriousy this Holiday season and treat it in style! Including your cat during the holiday festivities will help you connect and interact with the whole family and play with your kids & cats again! 

This is why our philosophy at Family Trophy is to create not just the Family Lifestyle, but the ultimate Family Lifestyle where humans & furballs celebrate together! 


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Good luck & Happy Holiday Shopping!

That’s it until the next time!

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